bitcoin cash

Since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork activated on August 1st, we’ve continued to monitor this emerging digital asset and decided to roll out limited support for you!

We’re excited to share that as of last week, any user who had a bitcoin balance in their Blockchain wallet when the fork activated will be able to access the same BTC amount in BCH. Keep in mind, bitcoin and BCH are two separate currencies with two different values.

What you do with your BCH will not affect your bitcoin balance and vice versa - unless of course you're exchanging one for the other. ​


You can store, exchange, and send Bitcoin Cash by clicking on General in the Settings menu of your web wallet, shown above. As always, if you choose to continue storing your BCH, you’ll maintain full, exclusive access to these funds via your recovery phrase. ​

Please note: if you did not have any bitcoin/BCH in your wallet at the time of fork then this option will not be available. ​

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