It is getting messier each day, the controversial trial of Mazi Nnamdi kanu, leader of indigenous people of Biafra in a federal high court Abuja, Nigeria capital city. Mr. John Tsoho, the paid trial judge sinking in shame the revered judiciary; making it easier for the world to understand that corruption has long corroded justice in Nigeria. Mazi Nnamdi kanu saw and preached against this evil monster, Nigeria called it hate speech.

Is it difficult presently to understand what Justice Tsoho meant by ruling against secret trial and masquerades as witnesses on February 29, 2016 and like a mad dog turning back to his vomit only to rule again on 7th March; 2015 in favor of Nigeria DSS request for secret trial and DSS masked witnesses. The bar and the bench should rise against this bad precedence to justice and legality; challenge and explain on point of law this breach of judicial process. The show of shame by Tsoho in search of flimsy excuse to jail Nnamdi Kanu because of Buhari's hundred million naira bribe coupled with promise to make him attorney general of the federation has thrown Nigeria judiciary to the gallery.

Let it be pointed out that same judiciary has repeatedly and unconditionally set Nnamdi Kanu free. Buhari and his DSS killer agents choosed impunity instead rule of law. Buhari and Tsoho makes mockery of judiciary and ridicule the honored wig of learned men and women in Nigeria. Tsoho has totally destroyed the impartiality of the courts, tarnish his own reputation and played down the Bar, the Bench and the constitution.

John Tsoho is doing the hangman job for Buhari. It's heartbreaking that the learned men on the Bar and Bench has remained mute in the face of injustice. They have by silence refuse to save the institution for fear of Buhari and his DSS. Our plea is that you break your silence and offer constitutional, legal explanation on Tsosho intentional judicial miscalculation. The persecution instead prosecution of Nnamdi Kanu, as scripted by Buhari and so far displayed by DSS justifies what KANU told the court " my objection is that I will not receive a fair trial in this court....I would rather remain in detention than subject myself to a trial I know will amount to pervasion of justice"

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu refusal to drop his agitation for freedom of our people earned him denial of bail. Buhari made it clear on his maiden media chat that  Kanu and others will be jailed by him at all cost, Tosho was bribed and is now playing his card. Mazi Nnamdi kanu represent truth, freedom of Biafra people and Nigeria have no evidence against him.

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