Nigerians are a different breed entirely!!

Someone has tampered with the Wikipedia page of President Muhammadu Buhari and listed “Ajala the Traveller” and “Baba Go Slow” as one of his nicknames!


'Ajala the traveller' is a popular phrase used to describe someone that travels a lot. This phrase was coined thanks to a Nigerian called Moshood Adisi Olabisi Ajala, a journalist, who was described in many Nigerian songs as Africa's greatest traveler. See the snapshot if you continue...

Nigerians have been complaining about the amount of foreign trips the President has taken since he came into power, which has inspired the “Ajala the Traveller” nickname, while 'Baba Go slow' comes from the pace at which he handles things…like the ministerial selection and budget approval.

While 'Ajala the traveller' has been removed, Baba Go slow remains but we have a snapshot of the names before 'Ajala' was removed.

See snapshot below.....

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