Public Speaking And Self Confidence

Public speaking can be a rewarding experience that allows
individuals to showcase their skills or knowledge in a public forum.  Public speaking opportunities can allow an
individual to help enrich the lives of anyone in the audience by impressing
experiences or information that can have life changing qualities.  That being said, many individuals suffer
extreme shyness or nervousness when faced with public speaking situations.  These situations can range from large audiences
of hundreds or thousands of participants to rooms with a few people
present.  Regardless of the situation,
ensuring you have the proper level of public speaking self confidence will aid
you remarkably in this foray.
When it comes to public speaking, possessing self confidence
is a must.  If you find your self
confidence low or nonexistent, the best way to boost it up is to practice,
practice, practice.  Individuals with
high self confidence have an ingrained sense that they can handle any and all
situations, regardless who is watching or listening.  These individuals are well versed in their
specific subject matter and have a good idea of how they are going to present
the information so that the audience will have the greatest understanding.  Additionally, these individuals are capable
of fielding questions on their particular subject and can explain the topic on
several different levels.  If you find
yourself unable to do this, begin preparing for your public speaking
opportunity at once.  Ensure your knowledge
in the topic is high and seek out to learn as much as you can.  This knowledge will help you indefinitely in
both planning your speech and delivering the speech to an audience of
individuals who may or may not be familiar with it.  Furthermore, in depth knowledge of your
subject will aid you immensely when dealing with question and answer sessions
that most likely will follow any public speaking opportunity.  If necessary, ask other individuals about
your topic and be able to explain the topic to individuals of all levels.
When writing your speech, take care to analyze your
audience.  If you are speaking to
individuals who have a great understanding of the topic, you can clearly use a
more in depth approach, more acronyms, and more jargon than if speaking to an
audience unfamiliar with the subject. 
Furthermore, know the average age and educational extent of your
audience in order to create a speech that will speak directly to these
individuals.  After you have written your
speech, being making notes and prompts to that use can use when giving your
speech in public.  Knowing your speech is
written to the best of your ability will boost your self confidence, as will
having the necessary notes and prompts that you can rely on while giving your
When preparing for your speech, take care to not memorize
the content.  This may seem like a good
idea, but can lead to disasterous results. 
If you find yourself to be nervous before you present any project or
speech to a public audience, you might forget the content of your speech and be
forced to pull it together from memory. 
Additionally, if you leave out a specific idea or topic from your
speech, your audience may not clearly understand the topic of point of your
presentation.  The best way to prepare
for your speech is to make notes that allow cues or special points you should
make in your speech.  Have a general idea
of what you plan to say and ensure the content covers these points.  Also, have any visual materials carefully
arranged in the order of presentation so that you will remember to include all
items seamlessly in your presentation. 
Public speaking should not produce a crisis, and ensuring your self
confidence is high in yourself and your capabilities will make all the
difference in the quality of your presentation.


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