How To Regain Your Self Esteem After an Abusive Relationship
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Abuse relationships have the capability to inflict tremendous physical and psychological distress on the individual in the relationship.  In addition to emotional and literal scars that are caused by abusive relationships, an individual’s self esteem can be completely demolished.  Many individuals in an abusive relationship have been consistently told and shown they are not of value, nor of worth.  After constant reminders, both men and women who are victims of abusive relationships begin to think these derogatory remarks are true.  Instead of the inner feeling of self worth and confidence, these individuals have little or no self esteem left after the destructive effects of an abusive relationship.

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship, you should immediately remove yourself from the situation.  Quite often, this is easier said than done as abusive relationships are initiated and maintained under the pretense of love and affection.  If an individual has your well being in mind and truly cares about you, he or she will not verbally or physically abuse you.  Even though this abusive individual apologizes or begs your forgiveness, abuse is cyclic and this behavior is part of its final cycle.  Usually, individuals in abusive relationships say their partner is loving and supportive, then violent and abusive, then apologetic and loving.  This cycle continues until either party decides enough is enough and ends the cycle.

Individuals in abusive relationships often find themselves trapped and feel their options are extremely limited or nonexistent.  If you are in an abusive relationship and feel there is no way out, reevaluate your situation.  Turn to friends or family members who will support you in your decision to break ties and end the relationship.  Individuals who are truly your loved ones will want whatever is best for you and support you in any decisions you may make.  If you have no one to turn to, seek help from shelters or different organizations that are in existence to help people in your specific situation.  With the help of these individuals, you can begin rebuilding your life and renewing your self esteem.

Once you have made the decision to break free from your abusive relationship, begin the process of rebuilding your life.  This rebuilding process may take some time, so be prepared to invest a great deal of time and effort into rebuilding your life.  You may need to make serious choices regarding your future, including changing locations to another city and changing your choice of career.  Leaving an abusive relationship will most likely mean moving into a new home.  You may need temporary housing, so consider staying with friends or family members or staying at a shelter that specializes in abusive relationships.  This is an incredibly difficult decision, but the best boost to your self esteem will come after you have made the decision and begin to piece your life back together.

After you have begun the rebuilding process, you may need to seek professional help regarding your mental or physical state.  Speaking with a psychologist or counselor may be the initiation necessary to continue rebuilding your self esteem.  Seek out a professional that will assist you in that specific area using a variety of different exercises and techniques.  Furthermore, you may wish to join a support group so that you can speak with other individuals who have suffered similar abuse.  If you do not have access to a support group or feel attending a support group is not for you at his point in time, consider accessing the World Wide Web and finding a chat room that will serve as support.  Once you start on your road to recovery, stay strong and remember you are an individual of worth and value.  This will continue to build your self esteem and rebuild your life.

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