What determines if a person is mentally ill and what determines if the person is not? 

What determines if a person is mentally ill and what determines if the person is not?

According to the various individuals the definitions are all different, however if a persons thinking process is off balance you are more than likely going to find a mental illness, regarding if it is revolving around a physical cause. The mind has played tricks on even the so-called sane individuals in the world. When the mind creeps in suspicions, loss of thought, inability to say what is on your mind, and so on. More than likely you are fine, however if these symptoms are ongoing you had better get help now.

The experts in Social Scientist often interchange the terms mentally ill and disorders since one term means that a patient has a disturbance in normal patterns and the other means that a patient will need ongoing treatment for the disturbances. We cannot always rely on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) for the definition of mentally ill simply because the book is in constant change as APA members find new information each year. Most information in the book is valuable but every year new studies are finding out more about each diagnosis.

Researchers and analyst often base their insight on gender, race, background, class, and so on, as well as comparing mental illnesses to several case studies. According to criminal justice experts, the mentally ill is found in homeless environments and/or jail. However, this is far from the truth, since we have cops, lawyers, judges, political leaders, religious leaders, painters, actors, actresses and others in the neighborhood going to jail, and even sometimes homeless.

Mentally ill in definition is someone that is not conforming to the way a group thinks, believes, acts et cetera. This means if you do not go along with the laws and political leaders’ beliefs or societies’ beliefs then you may be deemed the mentally ill. According to many experts in the field of psychology, criminal system, and so on, mentally ill patients were abused and disassociated from society at one time and often confined in a jail like institution and the authorities were the crooks inside the hospital. This is dehumanizing, punishing, and individual simply because they are said to have a mental illness.

Corrupted systems bring forth corrupted people, therefore their examples has brought on more problems than what we all needed. The criminal experts, mental health experts, and others are constantly making grave mistakes throughout there studies and often everyone suffers, yet the blame is turned on the patients and others in society. Denial! Since we all have equal rights and it was a violation of these peoples’ rights in the early days when mentally ill patients were institutionalize and sometimes for no apparent cause, at all it is vital to undo what has been done by acting human and giving these people a status in life. Mentally ill patients are often brilliant individuals that suffer from a disorder.

A few mentally ill patients will commit crimes, but not all of them will. For example, a woman suffers retardation, yet she hates the way the world submits to bile, such as pornographic, excessive violence, rape, nudity, and other areas of discussed that is openly acknowledged in the world as impure behaviors, yet the system will allow it. Now who is really retarded? Obviously not the woman since she hates what is wrong. Another case scenario can be seen when a mentally ill individual is out in public and someone needs help, including lifting groceries and this person will help, while another person without a mental illness will disregard the need of the pedestrian. Now who is mentally ill?

The person that was not willing to help is probably affected by the unlawfully teachings that go on in society, in the justice system and in the political world, and due to his or her fear or else selfish behaviors this person illustrated more mentally ill symptoms than the diagnosed person illustrated. My point is, mentally ill are often wiser to the truth than those that are said to not be mentally ill, and the mentally ill are often showing humanity while the rest of the world is dehumanizing.

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