I promise I would be brief and straight to the point on this. Winks

It is no longer news that Nigeria, one of the biggest black people country has been and is currently in recession, with 1 Nigeria Naira equaling about 400+ USD in the foreign exchange market as we currently speak (as you are reading this now you can make use of your google search) and with the market price still fluctuating.
In a bid to salvage the situation, or dear President General Muhammadu Buhari GCFR through his traveling, meetings etc has been wooing investors from different countries to take advantage of the situation and come invest in Nigeria.

Due to the recession in the country now, this is the best time for any firm to invest in this great country.
DPRINCE4CHRIST is using this opportunity to beckon on every foreign investor interested in establishing business  ventures/enterprises such as manufacturing companies, coupling/assembling factory, warehouse etc in Nigeria to bring your investments down to Nigeria and watch your profit margin grown at a spontaneous & unimaginable rate. We would be glad to give you our best assistance and be your Nigerian contact/partners because we know things like this will also create employment opportunities for the teaming youths of this great country who have the creativity and academic/technical qualification to work with you and even improve these products if only given a chance to showcase their skill and abilities and as well grow the GDP rate of our economy.

Nigeria is our country, our home, our heritage and our pride. We cannot abandon it and run away; NO!
We have to make it work, together. Nigerians are one of the best in the world. Let’s work on our creativity, ingenuity and skills.  2 or more people can come together and start up a business venture – yea is works. If you have the skill then look for who has the money and if you have the money but lacks the skill the look for them (within Nigeria, don’t go outside).

  • If you have a business ideas
  • If you don’t know how to start up that business idea or you want connection or insight on how to meet the right people
  • You ares a foreign investor who wants to bring your investments down to Nigeria but you don’t know how to start. Etc
We have all it takes, ranging from raw materials to the man power, intellect, creativity, hard work, perseverance and all what you could think about

Please feel free to contact us now and we assure you that you will get a swift response from us.
*all conversations shall remain private and also your business ideas are safe*

Contact us now or contact the CEO directly on prince@dprince4christblog.com


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