A courageous family of 11 blind people try to keep hopes and dreams alive as another member faces blindness.

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Mohamed and his family live in Taroudant, western Morocco. They are just like other families but 11 of them are blind, including Mohamed's father, who has to beg for a living.

With no financial help from the state and excluded from society, he tries to keep their hopes and dreams alive.

Young Mohamed is smart and playful. He dreams that the doctors will be able to operate and save his vision.

His older cousin Naima is the first member of the family pursuing higher education as she wants to help them escape the hardship.

However, being a student costs money and with their financial problems, her dream seems unlikely.

Told from the perspective of young Mohamed, Into Darkness is an intimate portrait of a deeply religious family that will not give up believing in a better future.

Source: Al Jazeera

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