122. If your company has an official webpage, make sure to mention your social media account in your official webpage.
This is one way of encouraging people to subscribe to your social media account. If you get them to subscribe to you, you are also gaining access to the people in their friendlist.

123. Do forget to use your company logo in your social media account.

124. Post photos of company events – the kinds which the public could not possibly have had access to.
Random photos like dinners, tours, and even photos in airports are the kinds of photos that others could not have access to. This way, people will know that your social media account is authentic and is the real thing.

125. Make sure your social media announcements correspond to the announcements your official webpage.
If you are also making announcements on your official webpage, they should be the same with the details of the announcements you make on your social media account.

126. Be careful about making statements about current events. Avoid it if possible.
People have different opinions about current events. If you favor one side, you might incite the anger of some people.

127. Always give your subscribers the feeling that the company is moving forward.
People will like you more if they believe that your company is moving forward. Always give this impression through the posts that you make.

128. Always give your subscribers the feeling that your company’s social media account page is active and kicking.

129. When mistakes happen, step up and own the mistake.
Even with a lot of precaution, it is possible that a mistake or two could slip up. When this happens, just admit it and apologize. People will appreciate this better. They will see through a denial and will hate it.

130. Act like a leader, without being cocky.
People need to feel that you are a leader – a driving force. IF you do this without being cocky, they will respect you.

131. Always post media exposure of your company.
If your company has been featured in a magazine, a television show, or any media channel, make sure that you mention it on your social media site. Provide a link if available.


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