Press Statement from the office of Senator Ben Murray-Bruce.

Asset Management Company of Nigeria, for working with Silverbird

The Silverbird Group wishes to thank the management and leadership of the Asset Management Company of Nigeria, for working with Silverbird through a challenging period in our existence and helping to resolve these challenges in a fair, patriotic and businesslike manner.

We particularly want to single out Mr. Ahmed Lawal Kuru, Managing Director and CEO of AMCON for his dedication and commitment to ensure that Silverbird survives and goes on to thrive. Nigeria benefits when public servants show altruistic leadership and Mr. Kuru's actions have renewed our faith in Nigeria's public service.

Let us also thank the Receiver/Manager appointed by the Corporation, Messrs. M.A. Banire & Associates on the amicable resolution of the challenges that can arise in business. Our working relationship will doubtlessly be a template for how to resolve future issues that may face other organizations.

Finally, we wish to emphatically register our heartfelt appreciation to all our stakeholders (employees, tenants, clients, viewers and listeners, suppliers, government parastatals, shareholders and Directors) for standing firm with us during this period.

The Silverbird Group is strong, thriving and ready to face the future with great faith that the best is yet to come for us and it is because of the support outlined above that the Silverbird Group has and will remain the pacesetter in the media, entertainment and real estate sectors of the economy.

Guy Murray-Bruce.
Vice President Silverbird Group.
February 23, 2017.

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