Guys, many of you are very confused about how both
Company A - LCSF Beijing and 
Company B - LCFHC Shenzhen function.

Firslty...we are ALL in LCSF Beijing right from beginning, we uploaded our huge teams to our Head Honcho leader for LCSF Beijing. Our lists and our positions and rankings are very secure there.
Now, Company B has ABSOLUTELY NO affect on our position in LCSF Beijing...so, what does that mean?

They are 2 separate companies competing for the business of supplying coin/cash and an MLM system to us.
If we miss out on registering with Shenzhen, we STILL have our LCSF Beijing business as secure as the day is long!
LCSF Beijing is 5 times bigger and greater for us, and Shenzhen are taking on a manmouth task! And it's reflecting quite badly on them as this Beta site is ridiculous to try and register on,,,they are changing formatting, taking it down often and even removing new registration icon.
Oh and not to mention threatening to delete us if we are not verified, heck, I'M not even verified!
So I may be deleted hehe

LCSF Beijing  (Company A)

Image4.pngImage may contain: 1 person, standing

- 1St  picture here Top Leader Kim Hui (left) and CEO Liu Biao (right)
- Liu Biao in main office

1. This company is with our first Promo (now ended 25th Feb)
2. All lists submitted are safe and sent to top leader Kim Hui for processing, and has absolutely NOTHING to do with Company B – Shenzhen registration.
3. Promo was - Join and become a member you receive 1000 coin, and Introduce others and receive 1000 coin (Directs)
4. Understand that this is our ‘MAIN’ LCSF company and is 5x bigger than Company B - Shenzhen

New Rank Bonus as follows:
1 STAR   20,000 coins 
2 STAR   100,000 coins 
3  STAR  500,000 coins 
4  STAR   2,500,000 coins 
5  STAR  12,500,000 coins 

(Previously it was Team leader, City leader, Provincial, State and Nation leader but now represented as a STAR leadership)

* All figures given are tentative and subject to change *

Rothschild IOT Investment Development (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd
(Company B)

CEO Ha, Yan Ting pictured standing here with Top Global leader Kim Hui and a member standing in front of office Logo

1. So with Company B - Shenzhen you need to be registered on Beta site to receive these coin/cash.
2. By joining you receive now shopping points not 3000 coin.
3. So to be registered you receive $1380 (shopping points)
4. Register your directs and receive $100 per direct (shopping points)
These shopping dollars can be cashed out, used to buy online products and can even buy coin.
5. This company is TOTALLY separate from Company A – Beijing. If you don’t manage to register with this cash promo, your registration with Company A – Beijing is safe and secure.

New Rank Bonus in USD:

1 STAR  $26,000
2 STAR $50,000
3 STAR  $80,000
4 STAR  $110,000
5 STAR  $300,000

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* All figures given are tentative and subject to change *

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