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LCFHC office in Beijing (Company A)

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday...
As most of you know, Beta site for Company B (Shenzhen) bonuses will be back online fully for registration / verification on March 20 thru to Apr 8.
Please get verified properly, if you make a mistake, Beta programs have NO SUPPORT. You may even have your account deleted, hope it does not come to that, but we're only the messenger here guys.
If you want to register all your team and some have not given emails, then submit your own email there, and the member can edit their profile at a later date.
All dates, as we have seen with Shenzhen, could be subject to change, and if it doesn't open again on Mar 20th, we will do our best to keep everyone informed and one of us admin will post on here ASA we know...
Heck, I'm not even verified, so I'm keen just as much as you!
(Remember, Company B is the icing on the cake, Company A IS THE CAKE)

Read the official statement below:

完成本阶段工作后,系统将继续开放免费注册工作。 注意:为确保会员自身利益,每人只能激活一个账户。请各位已注册会员尽快激活账户便于公司后期项目顺利进行。会员所有操作以本公告为准。 感谢大家的配合与支持!

For those of us who can't understand this drawings (just like me), here is the English translation. :)

Hello, Dear Distinguished Members, and Everyone!
Thanks you for your support all the way along, and your active participation in the LCFHC project of Internet of things (IOT). Our corporation will continue to provide you with a high-quality service, so we will carry out thoroughly the real-name authentication system among the registered members over the official website of our corporate platform in accordance with the relevant regulations “Management Approaches for Online Transaction”, and “Guidance for the Operator’s Fulfillment of Social Obligation on the Internet Trading and Transaction Platform” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, P.R China. On the basis of the market operating situation, there is a joint of activation of personal account; now specific arrangement is as follows:
Activation time: from March 20, 2017 to April 8, 2017, registered members are requested to log onto your own accounts, find your identification background, click “sure” button, and then system will automatically deduct your 100 points in completion of your activation, but remember: never ever conduct it again if you have done before. It is on April 9, 2017 when the system will delete inactivated account automatically, meanwhile, registry function will be shielded temporarily to ensure activation smoothly.
After completing activation in this sphere, the system will open again to everyone and continue the registration with free points presented to you. Note: In order to ensure members of their own interests, each person can only activate one account. Therefore you are requested to enable your activation as soon as possible so as to facilitate the later project growth well in our corporation. The manipulation for users/ members is subject to this announcement. Thanks for your cooperation and support!

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