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Internet marketing can seem difficult at first, but it does not have to be that way. It can be exciting, exhilarating and addictive. Therefore, we are going to write about 10 Internet marketing facts to help motivate you through any slump you may be having.

1. The mobile revolution is here. Mobile devices are everywhere and you need to follow the trend. It means that your Internet marketing plan must include a way to reach your potential customers using mobile devices.

2. Show your clients that SEO can be their secret weapon. Most small business owners do not have a clue about what SEO is and what this technique can do for them. You just need to show them how SEO can take their businesses to a whole new level. Even if this isn’t your main business, local SEO is a growing industry and can be a great way to earn additional income.

3. Most people do not have access to the Internet. Since only 1/3 of the world population has access to the Internet currently, there is still huge potential in this field. In the coming years the internet will grow exponentially and you’ll be there to capitalize.

4. Driving traffic to your website has never been easier. You can make a quick video, post or tweet by using your smartphone and upload it to tons of different sites out there. You have far more options for marketing than in the past and learning to use them is crucial to success.

5. New methods of traffic generation are being thought of everyday and are used by forward thinking marketers to take their niches by storm. Think, learn and create.

6. The mobile world is growing faster than expected. Since the mobile Internet is growing at incredible rates, Internet marketers will be able to use their creativity in a whole new dimension. The youth will have the power to reshape the world over time.

7. Mobile adoption is growing two times faster than the Internet. With new apps being created every single day, internet marketers are living in an exciting time when each day new opportunities are found.


8. Inside your customer`s mind. The big companies are gathering tons of useful data from their customers via mobile devices, which means you will be able to get better information about potential customers over time. This allows you to target your customers better and increase your conversion rate.

9. Getting social media traffic has never been easier. You will be able to use SEOClerk, Fiverr and other sites to get social media traffic at a fraction of the cost. It means targeted and cheap traffic too.

10. Google is no longer king. Amazon is also a search engine, which means you will be able to exploit this opportunity. With plenty of smaller search engines gaining traction they are many opportunities for you to find ways to beat the competition and get to the top of the SERPS.

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