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We have all heard of the Internet millionaires who have made piles of money selling a product or service. There are countless out there. However, far more numerous than the success stories are the failures. They invested time, effort and money into internet marketing and still failed. So, what is it that the successful Internet Marketers possessed that the others didn’t? Let’s find out the 7 traits all successful Internet Marketers have in common.

Trait 1: He Knows His Customer
This is true of any kind of marketing and not just Internet marketing. As a marketer, if you do not know your customer you are nowhere. Your product, your service, your pricing and also your marketing campaign will be based on your knowledge of the customer. So take special care to do your research properly. Understand your customer; realize what her deepest needs and wants are.

Trait 2: He Cares About His Customer
This point is more interesting than the first one. Successful Internet marketers strive very hard to bring about a positive difference in the lives of their consumer. They constantly strive towards customer satisfaction. True, it is easy to make a fast buck by just selling something to the customer, but if you want to be successful in the long run, you need to ensure that your customers come back to you again and again.

Trait 3: He Sets Clear Goals And Is Focused On Them
Only when you have clearly defined goals can you move towards achieving them. Most people shift focus with every new trend. This way their campaign has no clear focus or direction. This is a sure shot path to disaster.

Trait 4: He Is Not Daunted By Short Term Failure
Read about any Internet success story. You will find that the fairy tale ending was preceded by countless obstacles and challenges, points of time when failure seemed inevitable. Success belongs to those who did not get daunted by these pitfalls. Rather they refused to even believe that they could fail. They were ready to make the necessary sacrifices to achieve the success they deserved. In fact the true successes are those who made every failure a learning opportunity and came out stronger because of it.

Trait 5: He Listens To His Customer
In fact a good Internet Marketer listens to everybody, and learns from them. So market research is essential. But more important is as many interfaces with the customer as possible. Give your customer as many channels of communication as possible to get in touch with you. And whenever possible meet them face to face. You will learn insights which you will never get out of a marketing book.

Trait 6: He Works Hard
Think burning the midnight oil hard, day after day. Successful Internet marketers believe in their business and are totally committed. No one ever became successful by just spending a few hours in the office.

Trait 7: He Admits His Mistakes
This is crucial. Successful Internet Marketers constantly review their business, especially their decisions. So if they make a mistake, they are ready to accept it and learn from it. They are also those who constantly test every theory and see which one works best.

Expand Your Outreach With These 3 Methods (Increased Audience/Following)
Effective internet marketing is critical in helping to achieve a profitable business growth. Search engines like Google are constantly releasing updates that make it a must for internet marketers to focus on using white hat methods proven to increase audience reach sustainably. Any shortcuts can be very costly considering that being penalized or banned by Google will deny your business the largest share of online audience.

The following 3 methods have always been proven to increase audience across the most important channels available online.

Develop High Quality Content
Your online audience is known to be proportional to the quality of content published on your website. That is true because anyone searching for content online is always seeking value. Developing very high quality content is therefore the most important method you can use to expand your audience reach online. You should do proper keyword research to develop optimized content for your website, but remember the content is meant for users and not the search engines. Google will quickly penalize you for keyword stuffing because they want their users to find the most useful information in search results.

Diversify Your Link Building Strategy

Link building is one of the most important strategies for driving online traffic to websites. Diversifying your link building efforts will ensure you attract more traffic over the long term. However, some of the techniques used in link building are basically tricks that search engines no longer entertain. You must only use white hat link building strategies to expect positive results that can last. Sharing useful content across social media channels is one way of acquiring high quality backlinks. Avoid any spammy link building activities because Google updates like Panda and Penguin will quickly kill your campaign. You can do guest posting on high ranking websites or blogs to generate backlinks and also significantly increase your traffic. Broken link building is also important because many websites with high PR may have broken links and their owners would appreciate you notifying them of this. You basically offer to fix links pointing to pages that no longer exist, so that you can insert your own links if the content on your website is relevant.

Use Paid Search Marketing
Using paid search marketing methods to complement your organic search marketing efforts can be very rewarding if your budget allows for it. Google Adwords and ads on social media networks especially Facebook, can significantly increase your traffic if they are well designed and planned. You may not necessarily use the method over the long term, but it is usually very important especially when your organic search marketing is yet to produce meaningful results. Targeting the right keywords and managing your paid search marketing campaign to make any necessary adjustments as dictated by changes in audience behaviour is critical for success.

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