World’s First Digital Currency Made Exclusively For The Advertising Industry

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Adscash Compensation plan has been made with extensive research and market demand.
Adscash, is the official currency of the internet for Digital Advertising and marketing. It is not regulated or controlled by any government or central authority!
It uses the world’s most advanced and widely accepted, Ethereum Blockchain to store the ‘Value’ of your transactions.

There Are Primarily 3 Ways To Make Money With Ads.Cash

  1. Buying them at lower price and selling them at higher price
  2. Team Building
  3. Adscash

Buying them at lower price and selling them at higher price
Like Bitcoin started with a value of $0.08, now BTC stands over a $1000 within 5 years.
So is expected with Adscash.
Adscash is starting with 2.5 cents and will reach up to a much higher value in the near future.
Imagine if in 12 months on lower side we hit $2.5 per coin and go into exchange i.e 100x return on investment *
Imagine if we hit $25 in next 12 months on the higher side i.e 1000x return on investment *


Team Building
Ads.Cash Has One of the most lucrative compensation plans in the online marketing/biz opp industry where you can make upto 25 % of the total coin sales in your team's 7 levels deep….
Levels open up based on number of Adscash coins you have..
Example to qualify for getting paid 10 % of coin sales on your level 1 of direct referrals all you need is 1000 coins, to get paid 4 % of coin sales on your level 2, you need to have 100,000 coins…..

Here is the table which gives the complete breakup :

(*)= # of Adscash Coins You Own
1000 Adscash = $25
 at prelaunch!
Dynamic thereafter (Depending upon the valuation of Adscash)
Minimum Amount Required for Withdrawal = $25

Adscash Royal Pool
The time the Blockchain of Adscash is launched, there will be a certain fixed percentage of premined coins going into Royal Pool which will be divided equally among 7 levels.
Users can get a share of Royal Pool by qualifying the levels.
For each level you qualify, you get 1 share in Royal Pool For example: If we have 10,000 users qualified for level 1 in earnings by purchasing 1000 ads cash coins and we have 1 million adscash coins in level 1 of royal pool - so each of these 100,000 users get extra 100 free Adscash coins
So higher are the levels you reach up in Ads.Cash compensation plan, less is the competition and more and more complementary coins you get when blockchain of AdsCash Is Launched.


Important Pointers
Adscash are non-transferable! User can not transfer adscash to other existing Adscash members!
Commissions For Team Sales Are Earned In USD however and can be transferred from member to member for a nominal transfer fee!
Minimum amount required for withdrawal of commissions is $25
Payouts are processed once every 24-72 hours.
All payouts are processed in bitcoins!
80% of the amount earned as team building commissions can be withdrawn and balance 20% can be used to purchase more adscash coins in order to maintain system stability.
Till prelaunch free users are getting 100 adscash for free = $2.5 as our ICO price is 2.5 cents.
After pre launch is over, the number of coins which new free signups will get will be dynamic based on price per coin in a way that total free coins value = $2.5.
Purchase of adscash coins will be done via BTC ( Bitcoins ) And USD wallet.

Your USD wallet can have funds from commissions generated because of sales of coins across your 7 levels or via member to member transfer where you pay another Adscash member who has USD in his account through any of his/her preferred ways and they transfer their funds to your Ads.Cash USD wallet which you can use to purchase more Adscash coins.

* Returns On Increase In Value of Adscash coins are only expected returns and in no way can be guaranteed as increase in value of adscash coins depends purely on demand and supply equation and how market responds to it which is beyond our control )

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