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1.Congrats To All Our Affiliates Who Took Early Action When It Comes To Purchasing AdsCash Tokens At ICO Price of 2.5 Cents
You Just Made A 16 % Profit on Investment within a week's time hardly
The new price of the tokens now is 2.9 cents per token and this will be increase gradually by 0.4 cents per token for every 1 % of available token supply sold i.e 0.4 cents price increase per 3 million coins sold.


Looking at the kind of numbers we are having and the growth we are experiencing daily , this will happen in next 7 days or less
If you have been sitting on sidelines when it comes to purchasing your ads Cash tokens now will be the time before next price increase happens and value per token hits 3.3 cents and more....
By middle of this week we will have timer and clocks in your backoffice which will show you real time current price of adscash tokens , next expected price after increase and roughly # of coins left before the price increase will happen
So you will have fair idea about everything
2.We have about 49 pending cases in which due to mostly under payment issues , the USD wallet balance or coins have not been credited .
Make sure to send for faster response all details to support@ads.cash with your name , user id , your btc transfer address , address to which you have done the transfer , exact amount u transferred and hash id of transaction which you can get from blockchain.info
Rest all cases / tickets have been closed and cleared
For these 49 cases if you have purchased the tokens directly , then that purchase is recorded in systems and you will get the tokens directly at 2.5 cents still

If you have done funding of USD wallets and due to some reason it is not yet credited , then you will have to purchase tokens at 2.9 cents and later email support/raise a support ticket with your purchase details and your earlier payment details and support staff will manually credit you the difference in your USD wallet so your purchase will still be counted at 2.5 cents
This is the best way we can manage this current scenario while at the same time ensuring profits for early action takers and complying with the guidelines set by our finance team who are directly managing the price increases keeping in mind 2018 when we will be going to exchange for trading etc !
3. Kindly understand that it takes upto 24 hours ( depending on your mining fees ) for BTC transfers to show into our wallets and then system automatically via API credits your USD wallets/Token Purchases
Hence always wait for 24 hours before raising support tickets or sending support emails
We have over 25 people working full time in support team and more being hired as I am writing this and in training
In 2-4 weeks time from now approx , you will see even LIVE chat support coming and tickets/emails getting answered at rapid pace
Have patience till then...

Let us handle this crazy growth step by step


4.Tech team is almost done with final testing of payout calculations for sales made till date and final expected date of data being pushed on live servers for now is looking around Tuesday/Wednesday
We have over 415k users with tons of commissions being made throughout the organisation and we have to triple check everything before we push all the commission data on live servers so there are no glitches anywhere
But yeah the stats so far are looking pretty impressive and we are going to have so many people making $100-$1000- $10,000 a day in commissions and more
5.Once we are done with payout calculations testing , the tech will start working on integrating Payment processing API's inside the system which is another 3-4 days work at max and all of you would be simply able to enter your BTC address inside the system and place your USD wallet ( commissions will be released directly in USD ) withdrawl requests and they will be processed once every 72 hours or at times faster !
6.After a crazy prelaunch - we are entering into the building phase now where we as corporate will be busy building our tech teams , our customer service teams , our global offices , our team of global zonal mangers , rolling out awesome products where the ads cash tokens can be used , and so on....
And All of you should now get busy building your teams and qualify from one level to the next and make life changing commissions daily

Lets build this big
Nick Johnson
CEO - Ads.Cash

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