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What is the Difference between Company “A” and Company “B”?

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1. LCSF Beijing (Company A)-the main company with first promo which ended on 25th of February. If you joined during that promo time, you will receive 1000 coins. Introduce others and receive 1000 coins. Rank Bonus are: 20,000 coins; 100,000 coins: 500000 coins and 2,500,000 coins.

2. LCFHC Shenzhen (Company B)-need to register on BETA site: to be qualified to receive coins/cash. The bonus ccash are: $26,000; $50,000; $80,000 and $110,000. The coin is 1000 per member you recruit.

Are the Two companies the same?
The two companies are not the same.
If you register before 25th February 2017 and you recruit your downlines with spread sheet and send, you are in company A.
If you register with the BETA site, you are in company B

Can I benefit from Company A & B?
Absolutely Yes!

What happens if I submitted my list with the spread sheet and do not want to register on the BETA site?

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You are still fine, only that you will only benefit from the bonus associated with the “Company A”
But join both and get double the benefits.

What is the correct website address to register on the BETA site?
The correct website to register is:


My sponsor registered me on the BETA site but the website is not opening does it mean registration has closed?
Absolutely NO. Registration will recommence after April 8th for all your new people. If the website is not opening, try again. For now password has been reset to 123456, then you can change it to personal password.

The website opens in Chinese and I don’t understand Chinese?
Open the website on Chrome. Then right click on the opened page. Select “Translate to English” then the page will opened in English language.

I can’t activate my account what should I do?

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When you log in, do not “Translate to English” yet. Click on the red icon on the bottom of the page when you sign in. You will be certified if you have already registered before now. For those who not registered yet, your sponsor will register you are April 8th. You CANNOT register yourself, or you will end up with no team and in company spillover.

When will new members be registered?
New members will be registered after 8th of April 2017. That is when “New Member Registration” tab will reappear again.

How do I know my account is activated?
At the initial log in, you will have $1380. When you successfully verify your account, $100 will be deducted from your account..

What happens if the website shows Error 502 or 520 each time I want to enter my account?

It can mean a lot of people are on the site, or you need to clear your cookies, or you may need to change your proxy settings to another country, or you registered incorrectly in the first place. You could even be logging in with your password even though password has been reset to 123456.

Be patient and keep on refreshing it. Don’t panic. If none of these things apply, contact your admin team.

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