100000 TBC Kringles free

Step 1: https://kringle.cash/?link=Sufficience

All you’ll need is a functional email address to receive this wonderful gift. Kringle coins appreciate in value by one to five percent daily, and in a about a year they will be worth $10 each, automatically. In other words, you don’t have to do anything to make your coins go up in value. 100,000 Kringle coins times $10 each is a lot of money. Merchants all over the world already accept them, and people have purchased land, cars, food, electronics, and much, much, more, with them already. This is part of a digital currency that is on a mission to end poverty globally in the year 2018. I’m here as part of a marketing effort to distribute Kringle Coins worldwide, and fast.

The Billion Coin Website

Step 1: https://kringle.cash/info1.php

Fill out your details and click on submit and you will get 100,000 Kringles for free

Step 2: If you do not have a wallet, do two(2) things

a) Join the community http://www.thebillioncoin-ng.com

b) Create a FREE wallet with the same email address at http://www.tbc004.net

Step 3: Login to http://kringle.cash/kringlecash/admin/ with your username and password. 

When you get to your back office, check the Marketing Menu at the right you'll see your referral link, copy and distribute to all your contacts.

Step 4: Ensure to get minimum of 10 persons each month between April and September. 

If we stay committed to this little task, by September 2017 TBC community would have reached its destination of 1 billion members. And that will be the new road to end poverty in the lives of at least 1 billion people.

Admin of TBC would like to challenge each of you to start with the 10 closest people in your life and place them inside the Santa’s List that you will have access to within your Kringle Cash website back-office.  Then just follow the script below to invite them to receive this wonderful gift.  If only 2 of them accept it, so be it!  Admin would also advise you to offer this gift to 100 of your Facebook friends since Facebook has made it so easy to communicate with each of them.  If only 10 of them accept the gift, so be it!  All of this work can be done on the same day you received this gift.  
There is no need to wait, when it comes to passing out Kringle coins as a gift.

LETS GET THE BALL ROLLING                       
Introduction to Kringle CashKindly watch this Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kti8_Nzw98I for the full step by step procedure to creating Kringle Cash and then register here https...www.youtube.com

Watch this Video first

Step by Step on How to Create the Kringle Cash Account


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