A free acceleration program by Bocconi University for all African entrepreneurs in May and June 2017. 

Learn to build a business, get feedback, and pitch.

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ADANSONIA is a program within the framework of a study based at Bocconi University and financed by CEPR and Bocconi University. The study aims at understanding the effect of peer social networks on innovation and entrepreneurship.

No deception is involved and the study does not pose any risk to participants. Every person who signs in will be offered to follow an Internet-based course on entrepreneurship prepared by Bocconi University.  Some of the participants will also have the possibility to interact with other participants, either face-to-face or through an Internet-based platform. Those who complete the course and the steps involved in the type of interaction assigned to them will have the opportunity to present their business proposals to a committee of investors, who will assess these proposals and decide which ones to fund.

Your participation in this study will start with an electronic survey, which will typically require 30 minutes to fill in. Each person is only allowed to participate in the survey once. The information obtained from the survey, as well as all the other information obtained throughout the study will be kept confidential and only aggregates might be reported (that is, only combined results, not individual results). All of it will be stored in a safe computer, and will not be accessible to anyone other than the researchers.

In the following survey we will ask you some questions about yourself and about your business idea. Your answers will not affect your chances of participating into the program. Your name and other identifying information about you will not be used in any report.

Benefits for entrepreneurs
Aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa will have the opportunity to:

Take an online course on entrepreneurship
Learn to build a business and to get funding from investors in a new 6-week online course by Bocconi University and venture capitalists in Africa.

Network with entrepreneurs
Make new connections and get feedback
Discuss your business ideas with fellow entrepreneurs from other African countries and make new connections.

Pitch to investors and get funding
Pitch to local and international venture capitalists who are interested in funding African startups and SMEs.

Learn more at a top business school in Milan
The most innovative and engaged participants will have the opportunity to travel to Italy for a brief business course at Bocconi University.

Timeline for the 2017 program
The following dates are approximate and may change by a week.

Apply for the program by May 14
May 14, 2017
Apply for the 2017 program by April 30, 2017. Instructions are given below. Invite your friends and colleagues to apply, too! The program only gets better as more people join.

Online course begins
May 17, 2017
Online course begins
All participants get to take a new six-week online course on entrepreneurship. In the course, you will learn how to craft your business plan and how to apply for funding from local and international investors. The course is taught by professors at Bocconi University, one of the top business schools in Europe, and by venture capitalists in Africa. The course consists of brief videos with low bandwidth requirements.

Network with fellow entrepreneurs
June 3, 2017
Network with fellow entrepreneurs
Some participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow entrepreneurs. In virtual communities and in-person meet-up events, participants will meet, chat, give feedback, offer advice, and more.

Online course finishes
July 28, 2017
By the end of the course, participants will have learned how to ideate a new value proposition, test an idea before launch, assess market size, assess competitors, segment customers, make financial forecasts, build your team, prepare a business plan, pitch your idea, and apply for funding.

Participants submit business proposals
July 30, 2017
All participants can submit a business proposal. These proposals are reviewed by venture capitalists in Africa.

Pitching event
August 25, 2017
Entrepreneurs with the top-rated business proposals (as rated by venture capitalists) will have the opportunity to pitch to local venture capitalists and other investors. These investors give feedback and have the opportunity to offer funding to the entrepreneurs.

Who is eligible?
In the April–June 2017 program, entrepreneurs must satisfy three requirements:

Based in Africa
Participants must be based in Africa. It doesn’t matter where.

Have a business idea
Aspiring entrepreneurs are welcome. So are entrepreneurs with an existing business that they wish to expand.

Internet-connected device
Have an Internet-connected device
Be able to view videos and to run an application on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Join the May–June 2017 program
Participation in the program is completely free.

To join the program, complete and submit this survey by May 14, 2017. This survey takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

After completing this survey, you are in!

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