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Hello awesome readers and subscribers of dprince4christ blog.
I have a great offer for you all and I hope it will meet your needs.
For quite some time now I have been receiving emails from individuals and corporate entities wishing to link their businesses to some of the articles on this site because they found it very interesting and also relating to their businesses. Some were accepted while some were not due to certain reasons.

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Dprince4Christ Blog is not only here to provide entrepreneurial article, business insights and tips etc but also here to empower, support and help upcoming businesses get a global presence online. Therefore, to everyone who wishes to add a Text linking (in-content text link placement) to any article on this site can now do so for just FIVE THOUSAND NAIRA (N5,000) only (or it’s equivalence in USD) and that link remains there FOREVER (as you well know). 

Bonus: Add links in up to 5 articles and get the 6th one FREE.
Each link provides full backlink to your business or website thus boosting your site’s SEO and pagerank as well.

  1. Send me a link of the article you wish to link your site or business to
  2. Choose the word(s), phrase(s) or sentence you wish your presence noticed
  3. Give me the link you wish to be embedded in the site
  4. Make payments to any of the following bank accounts
  5. Send payment details to 
  6. The desired modifications will be effected once payment details is received, alongside the details required in No1-3 and you will receive a link to the article via your contact email.
*you have a maximum of 2 links per article.

Now this is an offer for everyone and we're keeping it open as long as this site remains therefore make good use of this opportunity.

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