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Social Media is the combination of the online communication channels, which are fully applied to the community-based input, interaction, and content sharing. It is a future of communication, which allows people or company to create or share information, ideas, pictures, videos, and many other things.

1.Social Media improves results
Regarding the recent study, about 62% of the marketers from separate fields have reported a positive change in their marketing campaigns and efforts after they began to use social media as a foundation of many of their campaigns.

2.Job offers on Linked In
In actuality, one client joins with LinkedIn's expert system each minute of a day. The site is utilized by over 60% of the general population to look for some employment, apply to work, or fabricate their expert systems.

3. Millions of photos on Instagram
As per a current report, more than one billion photographs were transferred to Instagram in the year 2012. Not just that, standard 300 million photos are moved to this stage making it a sound stage for picture takers, pros and from authorities.

4 .Small and Medium Businesses getting benefited
Small and medium-sized businesses have started using various social media platforms to raise their business income, extend their promoting endeavors, and find out about their clients. Around 34% of medium organizations are now utilizing web-based social networking as a showcasing apparatus though 27% of independent companies are participating.

5.Mobiles makes it more happening
Around 161 million minutes a month are spent on portable online networking applications around the globe. Indeed, according to gossip, individuals have more cell phones than toothbrushes.

6.Deals on Social Media
We as a whole love an unusual arrangement, and online networking happens to be a perfect place to discover them. A current research uncovered that over 67% of Facebook clients like an organization's page to get a coupon offering 25% off while 28% offer the adoration utilizing their online networking stages.

7.Games to earn money 
More often than not, you don't anticipate that great pictures will manifest in your brain if hear some person taking an interest in online networking amusements. Nonetheless, a current review uncovered that over 79% of individuals who take an interest in web-based social networking diversions have a professional education or better and 44% of them win more than $50,00 a year. On top of it, the greater part of the players are more than 40 years of age, and just about 30% of them are hitched and have kids.

8. Twitter
Almost one million Twitter accounts are created, and 340 million tweets are posted daily. Using Twitter can be a very useful and helpful asset to most companies.

9. Social media usage differences
It is accounted for that ladies, for the most part, utilize Pinterest while men, for the most part, utilize Google+. Pinterest is an energizing group of which you can share your thoughts through pictures while with Google+ you have more alternatives for sharing your contemplation, for example, pictures, recordings, and articles.

10.Facebook remains unsurpassed
One out of at regular intervals spent online is utilized to surf, remark, offer and like pictures, presents, and recordings transferred on Facebook. In fact, you can triple the traffic to your website overnight if you can identify your audience on Facebook and post things they are interested in.

These were ten interesting facts about social media that you must know to use it to your advantage. There are many others facts like this. Do share with us if you have come across any.

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