AdCash will start pre-funding of ICM Usd Wallets in Next 24 Hours which essentially means you will be able to pre-fund your ICM accounts with BTC which will convert into USD Balance at point of sale rates.

This will help you in various ways:

1) Avoid the launch rush with 1000’s of new people joining everyday and hence trying to do on the last day will be messy and you might miss out on potential commissions which you will be making from your team.

2) Upcoming uncertainity with BTC blockchain and hence best startegy will be to convert it into USD using ICM platform and that way you are safe and secure and your funds preserved incase anything goes wrong with BTC forking and prices see dramatic change.
3) It helps us balance out the load on our BItcoin and other alt coins payment api’s and overall make the launch a super smooth process On Launch which will happen as per the clock in your backoffice , you will be able to purchase your trading packages with your USD wallets internally instantly without any transaction fees and accordingly based on purchases within your teams , commissions will be distributed that very second and you will be able to withdraw them everyday !
Lets get busy funding your USD wallets with BTC moment we go live and tell your teams to do the same.
Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – ICoinMarket.Com , Ads.Cash


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