PLC Group AG company sets a large-scale goal to create a global society of like-minded people which can combine efforts for an overall success and prosperity. This is the reason why we are so happy about users from new countries.

The beginning of September brought pleasant changes to the PLC map: we have now active partners in India!

This fast developing country with a wealth and broad market is a real Klondike for new business models such as our young platform. The activity of our indian partners already influenced our positions.

This hospitable country met with warmth and real joy the ideas of PLC Group AG and our mission to popularize blockchain and other advanced technologies and to decrease the digital gap in the world. The economy of India is one of the fastest growing on the planet, but the biggest part of its population still has no access to advanced technologies. We hope to change this situation.

We are sure, Indian users will appreciate new PLATINCOIN opportunities and will be be to use them to achieve their dreams and make their life more comfortable and easier.

For those our users who want to communicate and cooperate with partners in India we gathered useful facts about the peculiarities of network marketing in this country.


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