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Why Do You need to Integrate Online and Offline Marketing?

It is no longer possible to ignore the fact that marketing has experienced a tremendous rate of evolution over the past decade. In the past the chief ways that you could expose your brand to the public was through the use of magazines, billboards, televisions and such media. However, now there is a new dawn that has arisen in the world of marketing and it has taken over by storm. This is digital marketing.

There are some experts in the field that can be quoted mentioning that digital marketing has surpassed the traditional way of marketing and rendered it obsolete. There are, however, others who are of the opinion that digital marketing is just but a fleeting sensation and soon its flavour will die never to rise again.

Well, whoever is right between these two schools of thought is of little importance. The fact is that these two forms of marketing can co-exist in a harmonious fashion and work towards the expansion of your local brand giving you rewards like you have never seen before.

In as far as marketing is concerned; businesses must look beyond the binary method of thinking if they hold any hopes of staying relevant in the fast paced business world that we live in today. In order for these brands to stand out, they will need to make use of a mix of multiple marketing tactics and strategies in order to get the most from the potential of their marketing and advertising.

The Great Chasm between Online and Offline Marketing

Despite the fact that businesses have become more and more aware of the benefits of making use of both offline and online marketing tactics, there are very few businesses that have taken the time to integrate both in order to reap the full potential of these two.

Generally, most businesses have the perception that online marketing and offline marketing are two entirely separate machines that demand two different tactics. But the question is, are they really any different? Well, to be entirely honest they are different.

Nevertheless, as a marketer you need to concert your efforts to avoid confusing your brand, and there is a very high likelihood of this happening if you have two separate marketing departments that are working autonomously. More often than not, the outcome is never good.

In today’s digital world it is commonplace that whenever a potential customer sees an advertisement on a billboard, they will follow up by just casually logging on to twitter to check if there is a social media ad for that brand. Now imagine what the outcome would be if those two campaigns, those two ads are making use of two completely different tones, strategies or voices?

From the perspective of the consumer, this is just one brand and not separate marketing departments and they will automatically be put off by lack of congruence. This divide between the two marketing strategies is one of the main reasons as to why your marketing campaigns need to ensure that both online and offline efforts are integrated.


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