As part of celebrating my birthday tomorrow 1st November 2017, I will be giving chance for free adverts on my site in form of banner ads sponsored posts and site linking (for those who already have websites).
This is also a means of showing appreciation to my blog readers.
If you are a business owner or you render one form of service or the other and you want to advertise your goods and services then this offer is for you.


  1. You can use either banner or post but not both.
  2. What ever resource you chose to use will be created by you.
  3. The accepted banner size is 250X350 in either jpeg, png of gif formats
  4. All banner ads will last for a period of 31 days.
  5. For those that choose to use posts (that is texts), your article should be at least 500 words of length and once it is published, you are encouraged to promote it on your social media handles after you are notified.
  6. Text linking (in-content text link placement), kindly search through this site, send me the link to the article you want to link to and your business website address. (For those going for this option, you have 2 slots, 1 link for each of my articles)
  7. All published posts will also be promoted on all our social media platforms

This offer is open till 2nd November, 2017.

For all those interested, send your materials to my email:
You can as well contact me personally on facebook or use the contact form

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