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Become the person, who referred the largest number of new users till the end of June 1, 2018 and we will give you 0.3 BTC. Second place gets 0.2 BTC, third place – 0.1 BTC. We are also going to give away 0.01 BTC extra prizes for 30 random users who will participate in this promo and invited at least two active users in promo period.

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How to Take Part in Promo

To take part in the promo, you need to make public post on your timeline in one of your social networks and keep it live at least before the promo ends. This post have to include your personal CryptoTab link. Then try your best to invite as many new users as possible before the promo will end in June 1, 2018. You need to create post about winning before the payment requesting.


  1. Add a post with your personal CryptoTab link to your social network and keep it visible to everyone. REQUIRED TO PARTICIPATE
  2. Invite new active users to CryptoTab with your personal link. Only users who have logged in with a social network account will be couted on you in this promo.
  3. You should be more active to increase your chances of winning. We count only users that referred exactly by you (1st level referrers).Get Rewarded or just try your luck!
This promo ends on June 1, 2018


1st0.3 BTC

2nd0.2 BTC
3rd0.1 BTC
+30 × 0.01 BTC


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